dental-bridge-lakewood-dental-officeA dental bridge is used to fill a gap caused by a missing tooth or multiple teeth. In this case, an artificial tooth is placed in between a crown on either side of a tooth. The tooth bridge and the crowns are placed in place of a missing tooth and either side of the missing tooth. Placing crowns on either side of a bridge provides strength to the bridge and also prevents teeth from shifting in future.

At our Lakewood dentist office, we first remove any decay from your teeth and prepare your teeth to receive a crown and bridge. We take impression of your teeth to make a model of your teeth. This ensures that your bridge and crown will fit precisely in your mouth.

Placing a bridge takes two office visits. In the first visit, we place a temporary bridge in your mouth while we get your permanent bridge and crown fabricated. During the second visit, we remove the temporary bridge and fit your new bridge and crown in your mouth using a permanent bond. This restores your teeth and your natural smile.

Please call your local Lakewood dentist, Dr. Marie Albano at 216.529.7181 to discuss how we can help you restore the health of your mouth and bright smile.

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