Teeth cleaning, oral exam and preventive care

Good oral hygiene is very important and begins with an oral exam, dental cleaning and preventive care. Teeth cleaning (also known as a prophylaxis) is part of oral hygiene and involves removal of dental plaque and tartar from teeth to prevent dental cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. At Dr. Albano's office we offer a variety of options for your entire family's dental care needs. Regular exams and cleanings can help avoid potentially serious oral health problems which can also lead to overall health problems.

Our Lakewood dental team works with you and your family to come up with a personalized treatment plan which will help in preserving and prolonging healthy teeth and healthy gums. Good oral hygiene is important and our team is dedicated to helping you obtain a healthy smile.

oral-exam-at-lakewood-dental-officeWe start with regular dental exams of your teeth, including full mouth x-ray (panorex) , if needed. This allows us to detect and diagnose any issues that may escape visual inspection of your teeth and gums. Based upon our dental exam, we perform teeth cleaning and develop a plan for you to take care of your teeth.

We are located in downtown Lakewood, Ohio; near Cleveland, Fairview Park, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake, Tremont, Ohio City and Bay Village, Ohio.

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